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Marriage - Mutual Money

2012/01/11 12:00 AM
By Jerry Browning,

Critical Matters for Newlyweds Today:

Establishing shared goals

Creating your own economy

Developing a lifestyle of financial fitness together

 Learning how to build a financial foundation together right from the beginning can build a foundation for a bright ‘State of the Union’ going forward for a couple.   It is important to have regular money talks.  

Money means something different to each person.  Identify what money means to you, appreciate what it means to the other.   

Visit money matters often and develop styles of discussion that are non-blaming. 

Create an approach that works for both of you to be in control of your finances and progress toward your goals. 

  1. 1.  How To Establish Shared Goals
    • Develop plans in writing – Short and Long Term
    • Talk often – Make a ‘date’ to talk about your money
    • Be honest – What does money mean to you?
  2. 2.  Creating Your Own Economy
    • You DO Have a Budget – It is where your money comes & goes
    • Know Where You Are Now – Identify Your Net Worth Now
    • Chart Where You Are Going – Create Shared Goals You Will Live By
  2. 3. Developing a Lifestyle of Financial Fitness
    • Understand Your Resources & Responsibilities
    • Create Support for Living Within Your Means
    • Celebrate Your Successes
    • Build On What You Already Have


Jerry Browning, MS, LPC, has been helping people and organizations for over 25 years as an organizational consultant, professional coach, and psychotherapist.  She understands the necessity of bottom-line thinking in companies and families.  Bringing healthy approaches to the forefront for couples and entire organizations, she helps them deal with what matters in values and the currency of money.   Jerry has been a presenter at the Women & Money conferences for the Treasurer of the State of Ohio and is dedicated to financial education and life skills for success. She is member of PFEEF Personal Financial Education Endowment Fund which provides financial stress assessments and employee education.  She is the founder Chiron Company and of Fit Your Money.