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refine Training

refine Peer Coaching Supervison Training

refine - is designed to increase capacity, resourcing, and sustainability

Internal coaches have unique challenges of being part of the system of the organization. Confidentiality is paramount for successful coaching, and often the coaches are secret keepers. As people practitioners, professional coaches need support to alleviate pressures and burdens of clients and the organization.

refine Peer Supervision Training was developed for situations where there is no access to a trained coaching supervisor. The program equips professional coaches to provide support for one another. Foundational coaching supervision concepts are introduced, and phases of training are available for cumulative learning about how to prepare to be supervised and how to provide supervision in a peer structure. Participants begin practice immediately. Customized programs help target specific organizational needs. The program recommends ongoing learning and eventual full training in coach supervision, and to also engage with a trained coach supervisor, if possible.

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refine Internal Coach Training



refine Advanced Development Leadership Training

Old thinking patterns will not provide the acuity and pace we need for upcoming challenges in our world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. “Skills of last 40 years won’t work over next 40 years.” Goldsmith    Leadership is changing, coaching needs are different.  Learn to REFLECT, REVEAL, REFINE - simple processes for complex issues in unsettling equipping leaders to see more today and beyond. 

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Professional Coaching

We are expert coaches who work with your executives and teams to notch up the skills for success.

We are dedicated to the coaching profession and know how to help your business and your leaders resolve barriers to the success desired. We also provide Systemic and Team Coaching for progressive organizations, leaders, and teams who want more robust partnerships for accelerated outcomes in our fast-paced world.

We've developed clear processes for coaching and create the most precise and potent fit for your organization, the work and the culture. Partnering with your staff, we quickly develop a timetable and enlist resources to set the coaching into motion. Our coaches are seasoned business professionals who are ready to become acquainted with you and your business. Our founder, Jerry Browning, has been President of International Coach Federation Central Ohio Chapter, Worldwide Association of Business Coaches member and Certified Business Coach, Association of Coaching member, and serves on international committees to further the coaching profession and maintain high standards of practice.

Many seek our coaching for Systemic Coaching and Thinking, Leadership Development, Manager Effectiveness, Team Building, Transition, Succession, Executive Presence, Sales Success, Stress Management, and Relationship Challenges. 

Your partners for thought, development, and actionable living at work, in life. Contact us today for a no cost coach exploration meeting.


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Coaching Supervision

What is coaching supervision?

Borrowed from psychology and medical professions, coaching supervision is not of the management or oversight type, but rather intentional private space for professionals to reflect and consider themselves, clients, client systems, or anything that impacts professionalism and client service.  The major three functions of coaching supervision are:   1. Restorative     2.  Normative    3. Formative

Coaching supervision can be a fuller experience than coaching, meaning that it is more than a cognitive exchange.  Along with the trust and safety of a coaching situation, the partnership is deeper in terms of how much is revealed and experienced together.  Coaching supervision includes the inner landscape of the supervisee more than just the abstract facts of the situation, the conversations, actions, and outcomes. 

Passionate advocate of coaching for decades, Jerry completed coaching supervision training at Oxford Brookes University to provide professional support to other coaches. Jerry is member of Association of Coaching Supervision, European Mentoring and Coach Council, and Americas Coaches Supervision Network.  Jerry’s ongoing professional development includes workshops and conferences featuring coaching supervision pioneers and ongoing working with coaching supervisors for herself and her practice.

Contact us for a no fee Coaching Supervision Chemistry Meeting. 

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Internal Coaching Creation and Support

Jerry Browning has helped develop three internal coaching programs in organizations, still highly functional ten and twelve years later. With decades of business and consulting experience, Jerry understands how coaching initiatives can benefit associates, customers, culture, and the bottom line. She has been a consultant to organizations seeking internal coaching and helps identify the critical purpose, design, governance, and desired outcomes for coaching programs specific to each organization.

She provides ongoing support for internal programs that includes assessment, continuing education, training, and coaching supervision. With years of experience working with internal coaches, she understands the unique challenges and opportunity that are part of internal coaching. From confidentiality and secret keeping to heightening curiosity and fresh attitudes whilst being and living in the culture and organization, Jerry has created approaches, techniques, and supervision models especially for internal coaches.

Speaking Services

Jerry Browning, professional member of National Speaker Association for fifteen years, has been faculty at the NSA Pro Track Speakers Academy and board member in her local NSA Chapter.  As keynote speaker or conference breakout leader, Jerry engages audiences for increasing knowledge, fortifying confidence, and expanding horizons of actionable living for work outcomes and community impacts. 

She has worked with private and public organizations to bring experiences that foster belonging, making differences that matter to the people involved and the sustainability of the business.  She is continuously honing her abilities through study and conferences in order to combine theories and expertise of business, human behavior and ecology that spark energy and creativity amidst challenges, chaos, and change.

Contact Jerry today to explore if her speaking can spark your members. 

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