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Keeping Your Fingers on Your Money

2010/03/10 12:00 AM
By Jerry Browning,


“The #1 worry in America is money.”  Psychology Today

“The most common issue of spousal conflict and fighting is money.”  NBC Editor Jean Chatzky


Success is determined by what we value, not just what we have. 

We are all pioneers today in the recessed economy.  


As professional coaches informed by finances with deep understanding of behavior - we help people assess beliefs and relationships, remove barriers of action, and step toward goals.

  • Eliminate Fear That Holds You Back From Your Financial Goals
  • Create Positive Ways To Use Your Money And Meet Your Goals
  • Focus On What You Have & Build Your Future Every Day


Set Your Short & Long Term Financial Goals: 

This Month_______    This Year________    Five Years_______   Ten Years_______


Talk About Money With Your Family Many Times A Week: 

Notice the positive of what’s working - _____________________________


Build Realistic Strategies for What Matters to You: ______________________________



Let’s talk about your relationship with the people in your life and your money.

Contact us today, we’re ready to help.

Jerry Browning, Consultant, Coach, Psychotherapist - brings years of experience helping individuals and organizations embrace challenge and advance fulfillment and success.  Success is not a destination.   CHIRON COMPANY